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Do you want to impact the world around you?

Do you want to partner with Holy Spirit as you explore who God has created you to be and encounter his love equipping you to bring community transformation?

We need to see a demonstration of the word and power equipping us for the purpose of raising up a generation who walk in signs, wonders and miracles. Join us for a training school as we discover together who we are, how we have full access to our Father God and how we can minister the gospel of Jesus with power. Our aim is to equip followers of Jesus to radically change their community through a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

For the School in 20/21 we will be following ‘Breakthroughs’. “It is a path to freedom and true fulfillment in Jesus Christ” explains the author, Susan Sowell; it is provided by Life.Church as a thirteen session course. You can dip in and have look here https://open.life.church/resources/4864-breakthroughs

Each evening, there will be worship, one or two teaching slots, and then discussion in a small group. Whether this is on Zoom, or in person, you will stay in the same small group throughout; safe places, with clear guidelines on sharing, where we can grow. In addition to the sessions, there is a workbook to go through on your own. We will encourage one another to do this, but it is a personal journal, between ourselves and God. A place to write prayers, and to record what God helps us understand about us, about Him, and our freedom journey. 


Starting 4th November, the school will be fortnightly on Wednesdays from Nov 2020 — June 2021 plus 2 Saturdays.

The sessions will be in the evening 8-10pm, as well as some Saturdays during the day.

All sessions will be on Zoom or in person if Government Guidelines allow.


4th, 18th November, 2nd, 16th December, 20th January, 3rd, 17th February, 3rd March, 7th, 21st April, 5th May, 2nd June


20th March, 12th June


If you would like to attend the school, then you will need to register and book your place before the first session on 4th November.

The school is free for 2020/21.

Click here to book your free place.

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